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Liljgrrl and Daddy

Now you have found your way to our little corner of the world. We are Nawa*G and lil*j, two very average and normal people with a very open and exciting life. We are a Dominant and submissive married couple. We have a Daddy & little girl dynamic. Our passion is Shibari inspired Rope Bondage. We founded and run our own rope group as well as teach and perform wherever we can. We love each other, our lifestyle and the people we call our friends. Our space here is broken up into a few areas. What would you like to explore?

We have been blogging since early 2005. Our blog is absolutely free and it details our BDSM life together. It is a way we feel we can give back to a community that has given us so much, to mentors who helped us on our journey and to friends who inpire us everyday. We take the same scene and discuss it from the Dominant and then submissive perspective. Many find it educational, some find it inspiring, others come to be titilated. Whatever your reason, please come enjoy the pictures and writings that is our life and our love!

Our Picture Gallery
This is Where we store our pictures from the blog. It is mostly lil*j in provocative and comprimising positions. she might be in lingerie, nude, tied up or in a number of other states of submission.

Rope Sales & Private Rope Lessons
Nawa*G dyes, finishes and whips hemp rope to sell. We do it a little differently. We only do custom orders. So you can get the length, the ends and color you want. We primarily work with 6mm and 8mm pure Romanian Hemp. Our prices tend to be a bit less expensive than most dealers who xcharge $1/foot. We charge only for what you want. If you want 6mm hemp, then it is about 0.75 a foot. If you add a color or move up to 8MM there is an additional charge but still less than $1 a foot. So stop on in and see what we have to offer.

Fetish Country Productions
We have a new upstart fetish video business where we shoot and sell video clips and full length DVD's . The backdrop is our country location complete with barn which is an amazing place to shoot. Our tagline is Real Porn for Real People because we shoot real people in real scenes that catch the essence of the lifestyle. Come on by, there is not much there yet, but you can be directed to our clip site and if you want to model for us, can apply there


One of the very basics to making love is pleasuring a woman through her clitoris. A clitoris orgasm can feel amazing for her and you can actually stimulate the clitoris in multiple ways. For example there is a way of "jerking off" her clitoris.